Small, but mighty

January 15, 2020
What’s with the name change? It’s just a small, little tweak that I believe has a bigger impact. You see, when I started this business, I wasn’t even sure what to call it. I started with yoga because at the time my focus was strictly on launching classes. However, before yoga I was doing health coaching and it took a bit of a back burner for a while as I continued to grow my yoga base. I’ve still continued to coach clients, but the time is now to put those two beauties together. After all, they naturally lend themselves to each other.
In addition to yoga and health coaching, retreats are an integral part of Willow Lane Yoga and Wellness. While the retreats do offer yoga, they are really so much more. Retreats are a whole person approach that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.
Additionally, you will find that I have partnered with some amazing people in the wellness community who offer faith based healing and massage. Our bodies are amazing vessels that God designed to be in tune with Him.
The heart and commitment of Willow Lane Yoga & Wellness is truly to come alongside you and spur you into deeper relationship and freedom with Christ.