Class Offerings



4 classes for $50; choose any mat classes within a 1 month period
10 classes for $130; punch pass, choose any mat classes over a 3 month period
$105 monthly membership; unlimited monthly mat classes
$120 Gold membership; unlimited monthly mat classes and exclusives discounts on additional services.


Vinyasa Level 1/2 Yoga

Builds Strength
Builds Flexibility
Linking Breath & Movement
Energizing, Upbeat
All Levels Welcome


Hybrid of gentle yoga, yin yoga and restorative yoga

yin offers long holds
of postures for contemplative
moments, restorative use
of props to aid in relaxation,
soothes the nervous system


Strength and Stretch

uses light weights,
resistance bands and
body weight.


Slow Flow

Slow, deliberate practice to hold postures for several breaths. Deepen breath while anchoring and grounding your body, suitable for all levels, You will leave class feeling strong, calm and grounded both physically and mentally.


Pool Yoga & Aqua Body

Super fun 400+ calorie burning water workout
Floating meditation at the end of every class
Seasonal class offered in a heated, private pool
Core work
Muscular toning
Ease on joints