Beat-the-Stress Diffuser Blends

May 3, 2020
Racing thoughts such as: When will this quarantine end? How many more meals am I going to have to cook? For the love…I just want to leave my house! I’ll go anywhere…drive in circles, go to a coffee shop, pick up an online grocery order, just
You are not alone. Sheltering in place seems like it is a dream at first. There is that crazy colliding of two dreams: one where it literally feels like you’re sleeping and it will all be over when you wake up combined with the dreamy, yessssss! Tell me I can stay at home and do nothing for a couple of days type of dream. If I’m being honest, that is certainly how I felt. I was in desperate need of some serious downtime and the governor invoking the law that required us to stay home, provided that low key relaxation that I desperately needed post dental surgery. Who am I kidding? I just needed the down time period.
The first two weeks, I felt great mentally and spiritually because I had the mental real estate to engross myself into some Bible study / yoga study with a small group of instructors and getting back to creating content for classes. I felt relaxed, at ease and in a really solid place until the end of the first week of April.
The ever changing parameters for remote learning began to impact me. School changed from Act of God Days to Remote Learning Days. I wasn’t simply navigating teaching from home for my students, I was managing my own children and their learning coupled with questions, figuring out this online yoga teaching (oh the endless trial and error scenarios of mics), plus trying to feed my brood. It was as if all my tools for spiritual and self-care kind of went out the window. Until last week when my pal, Erica, posted she had an extra bottle of Frankincense. DUH-Amy! Grab that bottle and douse yourself already! How had I forgotten such a simple, yet powerful tool as the essential oil frankincense?
Anyone who has known me since I started using oils knows that I love frankincense. I say “it is my oil” or “frank is liquid gold.” Frankincense has so many benefits that it’s impossible to share in one blog post all that it has to offer. Frank is an oil that enhances all other oils you combine it with, in addition to what this oil offers on its own. This oil is also great for increasing spiritual awareness and meditation, and it’s a powerhouse when combatting stress and dealing with your attitude. There is a reason why frankincense was one of the gifts for Jesus as an infant. Can you see a glimpse as to why I love this oil? It only makes sense to use this bad boy when trying to bust through that bad attitude.
One of my all-time go-to blends when I need some lifting from the fog in my brain and heart is diffusing:
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Chill Out

Frankincense may not be your jam and that’s totally okay! Here are a few of my other favorite stress busting tried and true combos:
So give some of these diffuser blends a try. Let me know if you need any of the above oils and I can get you squared away. Diffuse, my friends, and feel your tensions melt away!
Don’t forget to bend before you break,