Great news! 

We will be moving to our permanent location in late November. 

7800 N. Sommer St. Suites 204 & 205
Peoria, IL 61615 

Willow Lane is growing and expanding not only in location, but offerings and services. 

We will also have additional instructors joining us to provide more classes including Pilates: mat classes, Reformers, barre fusion and more! 

Watch our site and social media for more information. 

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New class series launched every 4 – 6 weeks, each with their own theme. Combining worship music and Scripture with your yoga flow for a unique, whole person fitness experience.

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A perfect gift! These gift certificates can be used for yoga sessions or nutritional coaching, or in the Willow Lane Boutique. ​
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“Where do you want to go when travel opens back up?”
“To a wellness retreat in the Caribbean with Jesus and my good friend, yoga extraordinaire Amy Stevens!”

Join us for our second luxury destination yoga retreat! Spots are limited, so sign up now!

Hi! I'm Amy, owner and founder of Willow Lane Yoga & Wellness. If you would have asked me if I planned to be a yoga teacher I would have laughed in disbelief. My yoga journey started as a search for healing in my body to deal with my autoimmune diseases and as a way to combat the mental and emotional stresses from my regular job. I was dealing with a major flare and physically could not work out the way I had in the past. It was scary to step away from the traditional workout methods that I so deeply loved. As I began my search, Christ-Centered yoga entered my life.

In addition to faith-based yoga, health coaching is something that I am also passionate about. Desiring to find relief from feeling unhealthy when I was doing everything I could to eat healthy left me feeling "down in the dumps" and searching for answers. This led me to my studies and certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. What I quickly learned is that there is no one size fits all approach. Our bodies are unique, just as God designed to be original. Bio-individuality is the heart of health coaching.

My faith is central to who I am and has carried me through many joys and challenges through my life. Finding faith based yoga was the tool that allowed me to find healing on so many different levels. The further I continued into my instructor training, the more I felt the Lord nudging me to share this modality of faith and fitness with others. Living with Celiac Disease, thyroid disease, Adrenal Fatigue and inflammation led me to finding ways to nourish my body from the inside out instead of just treating the symptoms. ​

Whether you are coming to class to find peace on your mat or get a "workout," or have someone come alongside you in your health journey, know that you are loved.

Teacher Amy Stevens

Amy is a C-HYI 225 Instructor. ​

Yoga retreats are another piece of Willow Lane Yoga

in conjunction with Return Refreshed.

Additional certifications include